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William Horsey, president of management control, which was not resolved until 1939. In turn, the stores will be sold to Dominion Argus Corporation. The small stores were compiled from 574 in 1950 to 195 in 1954, began to create easy ceilings and large glass fronts Dominion large store. Chain, as well as Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and is expanding out from the other parts of Atlantic Canada dominion store flyer carbonear.

Power Stores, 1985 Hollinger's Canadian branch and power in some places from the P & P Canada union, buy franchise locations, the company owned grocery stores converted to the group close to the deal, Mr, A & P was not part of the transaction. Or "Mr. Food" brand is phased out and sign a national grocery sales.

In 1990, A & P re-brand stores in the Greater Toronto Area had a maxi canada flyer and drink, the name of the Dominion Ontario, Dominion elsewhere in its stores (Miracle Food Mart has been absorbed).

; Toronto: Dominion purchase area, except for the following Stouffville York area; Mississauga and Oakville; Pickering and AJAX.

North-West Ontario, Safeway store bought at least two Thunder Bay. (Thunder Bay Safeway offer Air Miles Metro restrict the participation of Thunder Bay area.)

The biggest stores in the West Dominion of Canada, are scrambling to fill the rest of the department had to be closed several shopping centers near empty. The collapse of many department store chains in the country and in many parts of the program, together with the amendment to blow up the mall. At the end of 1960 [citation needed] purchased in Alberta stores, Safeway.

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