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Price Chopper processed in Ontario in 1990 under the ownership of Oshawa Group. Oshawa Group, including chain Price Chopper, Sobeys acquired in 1998 as part of the second entry in the Ontario market. 87 Price Chopper stores scattered around several villages in Ontario, especially those with low incomes.

By the late 2000s, Price Chopper faced increased competition from Loblaw Companies, which opened more No Frills discount stores Eastern Canada.

According to an analyst from CIBC World markets, he thought Price Chopper is useful operated for many years, under both Sobeys and Oshawa Group, without effort stopped temporarily improved adoptions. OK sign-sector performance rather choose his side throughout. Choppers Price is not right for successive parent under Sobeys and lags far behind not Loblaw Frills and Metro (formerly A & P Canada) Foundation Food discounts such as supermarkets, which is especially important in the Ontario market made grocery reduce 35 to 40 percent of the market to buy food. Overall, struggling Sobeys in Ontario, has made 25% of its profit despite a 40% area of ‚Äč‚Äčland each, for a series of production school dropout web site required.

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